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First Aid Courses

CPR 4 Life Training Academy
We offer a variety of different certified CPR and First Aid courses. Whether you’re a Healthcare professional, teacher, caregiver, parent or corporate client, we have a course specifcally suited to you.

About Us

CPR4Life is a First Aid and CPR Training Acamdemy established by Dr Jude Wordsworth, an experienced medical doctor and instructor with the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa.

The company mission is to teach and empower people with the skills and knowledge to perform CPR and First Aid in emergency situations. These are vital skills that everyone should know and feel confident in.

Our goal is to train as many people, of all age, from all walks of life, to provide high quality CPR and First Aid. The difference is quite literally life-saving.


Testimonials and client feedback

“I have attended 4 First Aid courses, and Dr Jude’s “First Bike on Scene” is by the far the best.

Jude is a practising doctor, with extensive experience and knowledge regarding medical emergencies. For this very reason, she is able to break down complex scenarios into simple, easy-to-understand processes. Jude explains in a very clear and simple way, the WHY’s, and the HOW’s of emergency response at accident scenes. Jude is familiar with the biking world, and provides a relaxed learning environment that encourages questions, interactive participation and informative role playing.  I also received a comprehensive manual plus a First Aid Kit suitable for my biking. 

I thoroughly recommend this First Aid course to everyone who wishes to be empowered to assist in an emergency situation.”

Morag Campbell

BMW Mororrad Off-Road Instructor and Instructor at OpenRider

“I’ve done quite a few First Aid courses in my time, but this was definitely the most beneficial. 

Jude manages to explain the why and what we are doing as First Respondents from a Doctors point of view, which explains what happens at a later stage in the ER and Hospital. 

It clarifies your actions to avoid further trauma and assist in recovery! Would recommend this to any Motorcyclist or for that matter, traveller!”

Troy Barwell

Chief Operating Officer, Hyvest

Feeling out of my comfort zone as a non-medical person, I attended a CPR (Basic Life Support) course presented by Dr Jude. The combination of hands-on practical and theory in a small class setting left me empowered with the knowledge and confidence to be a “First Responder”.

Thanks to the comprehensive training I received in Dr Judes’ CPR class, my CPR mask goes everywhere with me now! I recommend you, your family and friends empower yourselves by all doing a life-saving CPR Course with Dr Jude – You never know when you’re going to need it!

Heather Sissons